Veilig tanden Bleken - Whitening Pen - Whitening Strips - Luxury White
Veilig tanden Bleken - Whitening Pen - Whitening Strips - Luxury White

Discolored teeth? No problem.

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With our Whitening pen you experience instant results. Whitening teeth from home has never been easier than with the Whitening Pen from Luxury White. Just after the first use of the Whitening Pen your teeth are considerably whiter!

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Tanden bleken in huis - Zonder peroxide - Wittere tanden makkelijk - Luxury White
Tanden bleken thuis - Peroxide vrij - Wittere tanden - Luxury White


The Whitening pen contains an advanced PAP+ formulation, including hydroxyapatite and potassium nitrate, which ensures that the discolored molecules in your teeth whiten naturally, your tooth surface recovers and your nerves are protected. This will make your teeth whiter and brighter without pain or sensitivity. Teeth whitening has never been so easy!

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The No. 1 home whitening method

Our PAP+ Whitening Strips™ are the easiest way to whiten your teeth at home. There are 14 strips in one package and you will experience immediate results after the first use of the strips! That means no more discolored teeth.

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Tanden bleken thuis- Witte tanden veilig - Whitening Strips

Luxury White, number 1 in teeth whitening

Are you curious about the possibilities of whitening your teeth at home? You have come to the right place here at Luxury White. Our experience in teeth whitening has allowed us to specialize in creating the best Whitening Products from the Netherlands & Belgium. With our teeth whitening pen you can easily whiten your teeth from home. Our extensive Product Range of tools is guaranteed to help you regain your radiant white teeth.

Luxury White is always there for you

Luxury White stands for A+ quality. Our team is ready to assist you at any time of the day. These are people with experience, so you are assured of the best quality. Do you have a question about our products or do you have a problem during the treatment? Luxury White is ready for your to ask answer and solve your problems. 

Why a whitening pen?

Of Luxury Whitening Pen of Luxury White has been developed in such a way that it is safe and gives immediate results. Everyone cares about their teeth and that is why safety is our number 1 priority. With the Luxury White Whitening Pen you can safely whiten your teeth from home without sensitivity or side effects. Our teeth whitening pen is 100% vegan and peroxide free. The teeth whitening pen can therefore be used by everyone.

Wide range of teeth whitening products

We offer a wide range of teeth whitening products. This allows you to choose which products suit you best. TheStarter-Kitis perfect if you want to start whitening your teeth for the first time. A Whitening Pen is perfect if you want to whiten your teeth. ThePro-LED Setis made for people whose teeth have more discolorations than average. The Set works 47% better than using the Whitening Pen alone. The Pro-LED Set is therefore also suitable for people who want to achieve quick results. OurMspreadersare also the perfect solution for keeping your mouth open during your treatment.


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Meest VerkochtSave! 29%
Whitening Pen PAP
Nieuw!Save! 40%
PAP+ Whitening Strips ™
Voor BeginnersSave! 35%
Starter Kit Tanden Bleken - Thuis Tanden Bleken - Whitening Pen - Tanden Bleek Pen - Mondspreider - Luxury White afbeelding 1
$36 $55
Starter Kit
BundleSave! 50%
Ultimate Whitening+
Beste DealSave! 40%
Pro-LED Set - Tanden Bleek Set - UV Licht Tanden Bleken - Mond Stuk - Thuis Witte Tanden - Whitening Pen - Tanden Bleek Pen - Luxury White Afbeelding 1
$86 $143
Pro-LED Set™
Save! 23%
Mondspreider - Mond Opener - Wangen Spreider - Wangen Opener - Tanden Bleken Thuis - Tanden Bleek Accesoire - Luxury White


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